About Us

Our dogs are full family members and great companions in everyday life.

Our name refers to the Muranów district of Warsaw with which we have been associated for years. This is where we got to know the world and took our first steps. We will be happy if our dogs do the same. It is from here that we start our walks to the nearby park, and also set out on longer, recreational journeys.

During the year, we take part in dog and sighthound shows, as well as in city events and fairs aimed at lovers of dogs and pets. We love exploring the world together, walking around the city and just being together. Fortunately, the small number of dogs in the family (so far) allows us to live in this way of life ?

We are members of the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP).

Our logo was made by Agata Wawer, a graphic student of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.for the future owner.

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